Angry Birds 2 Mod APK v2.59.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Energy)

Angry Birds is one of the most popular video games of all time; it has been released on a variety of platforms and features a basic gameplay that appe

Angry Birds 2
NameAngry Birds 2
PublisherRovio Entertainment Corporation
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Money, Energy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds is one of the most popular video games of all time; it has been released on a variety of platforms and features a basic gameplay that appeals to people of all ages. That game, however, was no longer available, so it was resurrected under a new name: Angry Birds 2 - a game for all platforms, including smartphones. The storylines of all games are similar, with birds of various personalities attempting to reclaim eggs stolen by Piggies. Players will enjoy an entirely new gaming experience with the updated game, which includes several enhancements, features, and interesting game types. Not only that, but it also adds a new level of fun to the game, as well as an unending trip for players to enjoy in their leisure time. Of course, the game does not require a connection to the Internet in order for players to enjoy it at any time and from any location.


If the user has already played Angry Birds on any platform, the game's gameplay will be easier to grasp. The gameplay of Angry Birds 2 is structured similarly to that of its predecessor, but it has numerous new aspects and surprises to make the game more interesting. What's more intriguing is that players will go on a new adventure, complete with concentrated level construction and a variety of biomes in which to give lessons to the Piggies. Not only that, but new game modes with distinct gameplay will arise, as well as thrilling events for players to obtain a variety of tempting gifts. In addition, the game will now have a daily challenge aspect, in which players will encounter stages designed by professionals, on a huge scale, with a variety of appealing prizes.
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In most tasks, the player's objective is to use the famed slingshot and birds to demolish the Piggies' strongholds. Piggies will always be protected by walls made of various materials, but they may be easily knocked down if the player figures out where each wall's weak spot is. Not only that, but gamers will see a preview of the distance and flight angle required for the most precise shot before dragging, aiming, and releasing the slingshot. What's more astonishing is the variety of birds, which vary in ability and form, resulting in diverse flying paths. Players may activate their skills and eliminate all piggies when the birds are flying by tapping the screen while the birds are flying.

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In the previous game, players were unable to select which bird they may use in a challenge; instead, it was determined by default, and the player's imagination was put to the test. However, they may equip, improve, and capture new birds for each task in this game. Yes, players will have more options and be more creative since they will be able to examine the map before deciding on the best approach. All of the birds in the game are considered cards, and in order to upgrade, the player must gather the requisite amount of cards. Their flight strength and talents will be improved after upgrading, allowing gamers to take their bird squad farther in the future. These birds, of course, come with a variety of amusing and bizarre outfits, as well as a variety of unique effects that enhance the gameplay.


Angry Birds 2 was created with a single purpose in mind: to provide as much enjoyment as possible to gamers. As a result, the game not only focuses on improving its basic gameplay, but it also provides additional game modes and events to keep players entertained. Players will get a large number of cards, outfits, and other new items as a result of events. The diversity of game styles is also important, since players may unwind by playing short and basic games. Not only that, but the game also has a leaderboard system, in which players compete for the highest score and the top spot on the leaderboards.
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Following the success of Angry Birds, the developer has high hopes for its upcoming game, which will provide players with new things to discover and enjoy. Furthermore, the game introduces a new feature for players to hone their slingshot skills: the Arena, where players compete in a friendly and ferocious manner. The Arena follows a different set of rules than the narrative mode challenges, which use a turn-based system in which the victor is the player who destroys the opponent's whole inventory first.

With the release of Angry Birds 2, the player base grew even more enthralled, and the game went on to become one of the most popular, with over 100 million downloads. Not only that, but the game is regularly updated, providing players with new things to discover and experience.