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Block Craft 3D allows you to use special 3D blocks to construct the most interesting structures in an open environment.
Block Craft 3D
Name : Block Craft 3D
Publisher : Fun Games For Free
Version :  2.13.56
Size : 102M
Category : Simulation
MOD Features : Unlimited Money
Get it On : Google Play
Block Craft 3D allows you to use special 3D blocks to construct the most interesting structures in an open environment.
Block Craft 3D APK
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Inside Block Craft 3D, you'll discover an intriguing world to explore at your leisure. You can construct whatever you want to make the game's region grow less vacant. As a result, you may experiment with various structures and earn a variety of intriguing rewards. In addition, a variety of animals await your arrival to play with them.

Experience a world that is completely large.

Players will be thrust into a massive universe in which they will spend a significant amount of time exploring. There aren't many restrictions in this game since it allows you to express yourself in any house design you like. As a result, you will have a lot of resources to build the structures you desire in the game, and each building will have its own set of problems that you must carefully solve.

The world in this game is totally constructed, starting with square blocks and culminating in a sense that is comparable to that of the Minecraft game. When playing Block Craft 3D, however, the player's experience is totally centered on the construction. You may also select your preferred viewing angle based on your needs or preferences. Specifically, during the design process, each player can freely flip between first and third-person viewpoints.

Block Craft 3D MOD
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When you are preparing to build something, you may see the entire land to pick the perfect site for your project, and each perspective has a completely distinct experience and purpose. Furthermore, after you reach a particular level, you will unlock a secondary flying talent that allows you to fly to a specific height, which is thrilling when you can reach some of the game's highest structures.


When you first start Block Craft 3D, you'll be walked through some of the game's concepts, and your first task will be to construct a structure. As previously said, you will transition to a bigger perspective to determine the location of this home, and you will be able to establish positions. You'll notice the ingredients you can use in the area at the bottom of the screen that you can clearly see once you've put them there.

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Due to the uniformity of placement, these squares are composed of a variety of materials, and you may put them exactly and adjacently between the blocks. At the same time, each house's placement necessitates the addition of a certain element to which you must pay close attention. Depending on your level, you will be able to construct additional structures throughout time. The awards you can earn will be visible once you finish a given structure.

In the game, you earn a lot of money and gems.

Once you've mastered the fundamentals of Block Craft 3D, you'll be able to construct a variety of structures. When you click on the "Build" area on the right side of the screen, you'll notice certain structures that you can build right away and others that you can't access because you need to boost your level. Your rewards, on the other hand, are somewhat varied, including gold, experience, and occasionally green gems.

The utilization of experience is fully predictable, which allows you to advance your level and get access to new game features. At the same time, players will spend time amassing gems in order to assist you in completing the allocated job as fast as possible. It is only your responsibility to place the structure in the proper location. Furthermore, gold coins are needed in the game to pay fees for the construction of certain beautiful mansions.

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Build whatever you want.

Your level will rise with time, and you will be able to discover many more structures of various sorts, which means that the details will become increasingly intricate. You'll need time to finish them, and there may be a towering clock tower that's difficult to access. As a result, while creating buildings with awe-inspiring appearances to earn more money, it will also pique the player's ambition to explore and conquer.

Another feature of the game that you will enjoy is the cages for the pets. You can create this element on any plot of land you choose, and because everything is built up of square blocks, you don't have to worry about the details aligning. So, once you've finished building it, you may place some animals in the cage and let them roam around freely within the game. It will provide gamers with a variety of fascinating components.

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