CamScanner Premium v6.5.0.3 MOD APK (Licensed Unlocked) Download

Many people utilize and enjoy CamScanner Premium for its ability to scan a wide variety of documents with only a few easy steps.
Name : CamScanner
Publisher : INTSIG Information Co.
Version :  v6.5.0.3
Size : 102M
Category : Tools
MOD Features : Premium/Gold Subscription 
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Many people utilize and enjoy CamScanner Premium for its ability to scan a wide variety of documents with only a few easy steps.

CamScanner is a well-known program for scanning documents and distributing them across a variety of platforms that are useful for business and education. Users may quickly get a similar PDF or JPEG file with perfect quality with only a few procedures. Simultaneously, the software adds functionality like e-signatures and document scanning for a variety of papers. It's a necessary tool for everyone.
CamScanner Premium


    CamScanner attracts users with a unique feature: users may convert the content of paper documents to PDF and JPEG files and share them with whoever they like. They won't have to retype the document's information, and scanning will be simple. As a result, every user, regardless of their level of technological knowledge, may effortlessly utilize the application's scanning functions.

    When you first launch the app, you'll see a camera symbol next to a button to snap a picture. You'll notice a function that seems like it's for taking images, as well as the shooting modes that go with it. As a result, you must choose the optimal photography mode for your document. You'll take a photo of it, and the app will swiftly recognize the page's border. Continue with your scan if you agree with the app's definition of printed materials.
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    Following the identification procedure, the user will choose the appropriate color for the picture to match the scanned text. After you've chosen your choice, save the picture as a PDF or JPEG file, depending on your requirements. You may manually alter the definition limit in the program, even though it offers tools for document identification. For the program to scan, you must also choose the best shooting angle.


    In addition to scanning, CamScanner allows users to read a variety of file formats. You should be able to read them properly and provide some crucial information. You'll be able to make notes on the material you're reading in particular. To put it another way, certain vital parts may be included in the document to make it easier to share. This functionality will be ideal for individuals who work from home during an outbreak.

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    You won't need to go out and buy a scanner if you use just one program to convert your printed papers to PDF or JPEG. You may also update the text at the same time, which is useful for papers that need your signature; the program also assists you in swiftly adding information. During text editing, you may add the appropriate stamp and signature and then send it to the item you'd want to deliver. These two characteristics work in tandem.


    When you update CamScanner, you may select to change your shooting mode to book-scanning mode. This scanning function is as straightforward as the name implies: you'll be able to clearly capture a book page, and while scanning and editing with the app, you'll be able to split the two pages of the converted book into two separate files. You'll be able to scan the full book from there.
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    You will be able to utilize the content of any printed document for your target in addition to this functionality. You'll be able to convert the paper's contents to TXT format. You may alter everything you want using this format, and it is, of course, ideal for a variety of uses. You may utilize this functionality instead of retyping existing file templates, especially if they are still in use.


    After you've finished scanning using CamScanner, the software will ask you which platform you'd want to share it on, and the options are all cloud-based services. At the same time, it's saved in the app so users may discover it and utilize it in a variety of situations. The picture may be used to identify these files, but you should rename them before exporting and saving them. If the number is substantial, try to avoid generating file names that are overly lengthy and difficult to handle.

    When it comes to cloud storage, you can share your data across a variety of platforms, with Google Drive being the most prominent among them. The software will provide you an extra 10GB of cloud storage if you update to a higher version. It may be used without concern for a variety of issues. When using the application's cloud service, for instance, the platforms are completely synced.