Survivalist: Invasion PRO v0.0.571 MOD APK (Mega Menu/Money)

Survivalist: Invasion PRO allows players to explore everything on their own time while simultaneously putting them into harsh survival circumstances
Survivalist Invasion PRO
Name : Survivalist: Invasion PRO
Publisher : Megaloot
Version :  0.0.571
Size : 900M
Category : Role Playing
MOD Features : Unlimited Money/Health/Hunger Points 
Get it On : Google Play
Survivalist: Invasion PRO (MOD, Unlimited Money) allows players to explore everything on their own time while simultaneously putting them into harsh survival circumstances with a flurry of online activities.
Survivalist Invasion PRO MOD

Survivalist: Invasion PRO is an action role-playing game created by Megaloot, a well-known firm that specializes in narrative-style games with a simple premise. This game, on the other hand, is the first in the action, role-playing survival genre. Those who play the game are promised fresh sensations.


    This is an action-packed survival game. In this edition, the game returns the main character, the renowned hero, back with new challenges and duties. You will also have to assist and support him in completing those chores. Unlock all of the island's mysteries with the main character and rescue the planet from evil forces seeking to destroy it. This is the most mysterious site on the planet. Various scientists have investigated this unknown place and attempted to control the energies there, but with little success. Start exploring new places in the game right now to become the hero who will rescue the planet.
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    Survivalist: Invasion PRO is based on traditional mechanics and has a long history in survival and role-playing games. In this game, you must explore the wildlands in search of food. Use resources to produce important items to help you live, such as weaponry and construction equipment, and defend your base from enemy assaults. Many frightening zombies will arrive around your base throughout the game, as well as fascinating mutant creatures. Your life is constantly in jeopardy, and you must do everything possible to stay alive. Because danger is constantly lurking about you, it's critical to survive in these tough environments in order to establish a strong foundation.
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    Finding weapons and improving your armor are critical in role-playing and survival games. The more weapons you have, the better your odds of surviving are. The weapon and armor system given by the game creator is successful in the game, owing to the methodically and well constructed tale. You'll be exposed to a variety of severe conditions, with the difficulty level increasing with time. In Survivalist: Invasion PRO, you will encounter unique characters in addition to opponents. These individuals will assist you in completing missions and overcoming the game's tough obstacles.

    Take your weapon in hand, and let's go to work gathering resources and ingredients to make many of the stuff you'll need. During the construction of your fortress, you will encounter mutant creatures that are always hunting for methods to kill you. In Survivalist: Invasion PRO, build an impenetrable base to engage in battles with several factions. You will get the tempting prize each time you win. Prepare for a lengthy, perilous, and difficult voyage in this game.