TV Program TVGuide v3.7.22 APK MOD (Premium Unlocked)

NameTV Program TVGuide
PublisherMolokov Dmitry
MOD FeaturesPremium Features Unlocked
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TV Program TVGuide is a fantastic program that makes viewing TV shows more accessible and fun. The app lets you operate your Smart TV with ease, watch over 700 of the most precise channels, create reminders, and access a variety of other services.
TV Program TVGuide


Show on television Molokov Dmitry designed and delivered TVGuide, a television program guide application. This application, which does not require the use of the internet, refreshes the most up-to-date TV shows from over 700 channels, the majority of which are from Russia. For you, this is a brand-new, one-of-a-kind, and really useful application. The app will provide you with the finest experience, including reminders, utilities, and the ability to manage your TV.

You may use the app to change stations and volume on your TV straight from your portable device, as well as set reminders and receive newspaper notifications for your favorite TV program. To be able to manage the remote comfortably and conveniently, you must first turn on the television and then utilize this program. There are several built-in options that allow you to customize the app to your preferences; nevertheless, your gut instinct should always take precedence. Our will enable this app to provide you with the greatest possible experience, and you will be blown away.


You may pick from over 700 channels in this program. You may download a whole week's worth of television programs at once. Then, even if you don't have access to the internet, you can view it effortlessly. You may also make your own channel lists based on your personal preferences. In addition, the software allows you to categorize channels, assign a number, and name them... ТелепроТелепрaмма Users may also use TVGuide to connect their Bluetooth devices and change their channel settings.

You may easily import the channel list from your TV and use Smart TV to change stations or increase the volume. To stay up with intriguing programs, search for shows and subscribe to them. With the ability to filter programs by category, you can find your favorite shows quickly. The software also has a number of useful customization options, such as the ability to adjust the program filter by day of the week and the start time of those shows, as well as the ability to change the font size to fit the size of the TV screen.


Because they will be fully deleted on the premium version of the program. You may easily change the sound to remind you of your favorite programs. Your own channel lists may also be readily exported and imported to the cloud.

Other important functions, such as the reminder tool, may also be tailored to your preferences. The software also allows you to pick which stations to watch by immediately loading a new show on your smartphone. This program contains a plethora of appealing unique features that you cannot overlook in addition to the primary features and premium features described above.


Set a reminder for your favorite show if you enjoy a certain channel or have a special relationship with a particular program that you don't want to miss. This reminder may be saved to your Google calendar or seen directly from the app. Setting reminders is a part of this. You may view every channel, from the presently airing shows to specific programs for each channel, using this fantastic application.

Show on television You may use TVGuide in a variety of languages. Also, please keep in mind that this software does not allow you to watch films or programs within it. You can only operate this application by choosing your preferred channels from the general list, the list of providers, or by picking shows straight from your TV. All of your in-app alerts may be tailored to meet your schedule and mood.

a brief description of the TV show If you find that managing the TV directly using the buttons on the remote is inconvenient or you don't like using the remote to control the TV, TVGuide may be required to learn more about this lovely program. You've gotten to know an application that lets you accomplish these fundamental tasks. Furthermore, this isn't just a remote control replacement program; it has a plethora of functions as well as over 700 appealing television channels. As a result, you can expect the most fun from this program.