Videoleap by Lightricks v1.1.5 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Videoleap by Lightricks
Name : Videoleap by Lightricks
Publisher : Lightricks Ltd.
Version :  1.1.5
Size : 74M
MOD Features : Pro / Paid Features Unlocked
Get it On : Google Play

Videoleap by Lightricks is a tool for making Hollywood-style videos. Free experience with a plethora of interesting effects.

Videoleap by Lightricks apk

Videoleap by Lightricks is a video editing program with a wide range of basic and advanced functionality to fulfill users' editing needs. Because the number of functions encompasses a wide range of aspects, such as altering material, adding colors, and inserting any video into the original video, your editing will be completely assured. As a result, each stage requires the player's undivided attention.


    Many new capabilities have been introduced to the most recent version of the application to make editing easier and more efficient. At the same time, these features are distinctive and ideal for film and picture editors. Multi-layer editing, green screens, fascinating transitions that make films more distinctive, and many more features are all ready to be discovered.


    When you first start using Videoleap by Lightricks, you will be introduced to the basic features, but mastering and utilizing them in a truly creative manner will take some time. You may combine the best parts of many videos into one video. Cutting, pasting, repositioning, and a variety of other functions will all be fully functional in these positions. Users can also change the video's recording components directly.

    Videoleap by Lightricks Mod


    Users may alter color levels, effects, and filters in Videoleap by Lightricks to their liking. These are the components that will transform the appearance of your video. You may change video brightness, contrast, saturation, and other color-related parameters. However, in the vast majority of situations, this element was maximized during video recording, which only contributes to the film's aesthetic appeal.

    Anyone who wants to learn about effects and filters should do so. They will need to experiment with a variety of effects and filters before they can use them. Anyone will be able to see what this software can accomplish at some point, and if the functionality is too difficult to grasp, the tutorials can help. As a consequence, different outcomes may be obtained by placing them at various layer places.


    Thanks to Videoleap by Lightricks, you can add several fonts to your films, which is something that no one should neglect. It's not a brand-new feature, but it's something you should think about implementing. They can help you remember certain information from your film, and they can also be used to transmit keywords to viewers. There is always a wide selection of designs to pick from.

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    You must consider the fit for the frame and the aspect ratio you choose when adding any video. You may also drag various pieces to make them bigger or smaller in a specific region, depending on your imagination. It's good for synchronizing the placements of the pieces you've placed and tweaking the effect. However, when there is a lot of work to be done, it might create special issues.

    In this application, the sound element is equally important, and you may add whatever sound you like to the layer. To put it another way, factors like duration and sound level will need to be double-checked to ensure that they complement the components in the film and don't make the listener uncomfortable. As a result, all of the functionalities work together to produce a cinematic piece that you may make with this program.


    After you've mastered the basic functionalities of Videoleap by Lightricks, you'll want to use the more complex tools to make an amazing video. The video's background may be completely changed at any time. The preceding video lesson is easily accessible, and the methods are straightforward. One thing to keep in mind while adding these backdrops is that if they hide the video's primary figure, you should tone them down.

    Videoleap by Lightricks Mod apk

    Furthermore, if you give a function a landmark, it will move in terms of location. This milestone is entirely interpreted as a function-related modification. In Videoleap by Lightricks, for example, a procedure generates a green screen-like region to aid in the addition of another video or picture to the present one. Create several shuttles equal to the number of modifications of this element if you want to adjust the location of the uploaded video.