App Cloner Premium v2.12.5 MOD APK All Unlocked

App Cloner Premium APK is useful for consumers since it allows them to utilize many accounts for the same program.
App Cloner Premium
Name : App Cloner Premium
Publisher : AppListo
Version :  2.12.5
Size : 14MB
Category : Tools
MOD Features : Premium / Paid Features Unlocked
Get it On : Google Play
App Cloner Premium APK is useful for consumers since it allows them to utilize many accounts for the same program.
App Cloner Premium APK

Due to the high frequency with which modern people use their devices, App Cloner Premium allows users to utilize two accounts of the same program at the same time. To illustrate, suppose you only have one smartphone but need to log into two Facebook accounts. An account is used for family contact; it is also used to post private information that you do not want your parents to view. It allows you to do whatever you want without being restricted by your gadget.


    Several users are irritated by the fact that many programs are out of sync with one another. It also presents a number of problems, such as the fact that you can't be sure you've switched off everything active on the hidden account.

    App Cloner Premium Mod

    'Force-close on exit' ensures that users' privacy is protected. This capability allows the device to quickly cease all application activity. You must leave the program; everything that is still operating will be forced to shut down. This permits you to get out of tight situations fast where you don't want others to notice what you're doing.

    Furthermore, the program adds a slew of new features to help Android TV users. To begin, you may now utilize devices that support Android 12 with this recent version. With this functionality, more Android devices may be used for a wider range of applications. You may also use the TV to connect and control various devices that run the same Android operating system.


    As you are all aware, a smartphone can only operate in one direction at a time. App Cloner, on the other hand, allows you to leverage the power of two smartphones at the same time. An app's clone version can function independently of the original version. If you wish to utilize two social networking accounts, you must first log out of the first one before logging in to the second. However, you may use this program to open two messaging applications at the same time and have them function in tandem. Surprisingly, you may even use the same device to communicate between the two accounts.

    App Cloner Premium

    Furthermore, the App Cloner-mirrored app will not be automatically updated and may continue to function normally until you decide to update it. New upgraded versions of the original program can sometimes cause major issues for the clone. Many individuals still want to keep themselves steady, quick, and focused on the core issue; they don't care about new conveniences since they cause unneeded instability.


    App Cloner has the effect of creating an identical version of an application. But this isn't the only thing we can do. The most fun thing you can do is modify the application to make it into the version you like. You may use whatever emoji you choose in chat apps. You may also make the app show a variety of colors that aren't available in the original app. You can also make it a lot more interesting with different applications than these features. A small transformation is all it takes to make oneself remarkable and unique in the eyes of your friends.


    By altering the name and icon of your cloned app, you may make it really anonymous. You don't want anyone to know you have two messenger accounts, for example. Simply tweak it a little. Change the icon to a calculator and rename it Calculator. No one would understand it was a Messenger shortcut. You may also take it a step further and save it in a hidden file with several identical clones.

    You may also use an SD card to install your clone. Some Android apps compel users to install straight to the system's internal memory, as you may have seen. The smartphone will shortly run out of capacity and become useless as a result of this behavior. This is a technological solution that should be promoted further.

    Finally, to keep things even more hidden, users may disable auto-start and wake locks. That is, with the exception of being manually launched, all original material may be left alone. Additionally, you may make the program a floating window app while using it. It will be much more convenient to use many accounts at the same time.