Drop The Number v1.9.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Booster)

Drop The Number
Name : Drop The Number
Publisher : SUPERBOX.INC
Version : 1.9.1
Size : 37M
Category : Puzzle
MOD Features : Unlimited Money/Booster
Get it On : Google Play

Puzzle games are a type of game that helps players train their minds, stimulate their brains and think, and kill time in their spare time.Additionally, this is one of the games that seems addicting due to its basic principles, yet forces players to understand the rules in order to succeed. Nowadays, many gamers are drawn to puzzle games and logic-based inference games. This is a moderately challenging game that demands logical thought and perseverance. We'll take a look at some of the games that are driving the puzzle game market insane in this article: Drop The Number is one of the most downloaded games.

Drop The Number Mod


    As is widely known, video games such as 2048, 2048 original,... are one of the less unusual games, quite popular in many areas of the globe, and are downloaded by a large number of people. As a result of the popularity of prior games, a variety of puzzle games have emerged, including Drop the Number. Drop the Number is a logic puzzle game that has been downloaded by a large number of individuals since its introduction. This is a rather straightforward game that places players in circumstances that demand thought and logic, such as aligning a block of bricks to fit or navigating a big maze.

    This game's gameplay is fairly similar to that of a 2048-style game. In this game, however, players would drop numbers from the top to the bottom of the screen and move right or left to generate fresh outcomes exponentially. This is a highly addictive puzzle game, yet it serves a purpose. It will assist you in developing your reasoning abilities, brain training, patience, and so on.

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    With any form of game, the player must be familiar with the game rules, much more so with cerebral logic games such as this. As a logic game, it is simple to obtain the maximum score when the user has a strategy. When you play frequently, you will develop an understanding of the game's rules for achieving high scores. The player will move the blocks right or left for you, exponentially multiplying the squares with the same number. Each turn, a random block with the number 2, 4, 8,... will emerge. The quantity of coins you've won is displayed on the right side of the screen, your current score and record points are displayed in the top center, and your place in the rankings is displayed on the left side. The game will continue until no two neighboring cells have the same value.

    The background, the interface, and the fresh colors

    Drop The Number is a game that the game manufacturer has designed with great care, investing much in aesthetics, eye-catching colors, and subtle freshness. Contrary to common opinion, the application also has a system of vibrant interfaces, gorgeous visuals, and transparent, amusing noises. At each stage, it instills a sense of thrill and anticipation among the players.

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    It's a game with a fresh UI, vibrant colors, and a basic but no less modern aesthetic style. The game includes a tournament mode, which displays all players' standings and your highest score on the leaderboard. Simple gameplay: move, link the same amount of boxes, and release. You may share your scores with your friends and the general public. The controls are straightforward and uncomplicated. Not time-bound. It enables gamers to develop their minds on a daily basis. Save game outcomes automatically. Additionally, this program is meant to be completely accessible to everyone. Players may access this program for free and play offline; however, they must be linked to wifi.

    Drop The Number is a sort of entertaining game that all players will like. With its exceptionally precise design and the attention taken by the game's design and development teams, it has developed into one of the most interesting puzzles, logic reasoning games, and top-ranking games that the player should select. With a game that has several benefits, players will not be disappointed by such characteristics. This game will bring together all of the thrilling elements. This is a really enjoyable game for all ages.