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Homescapes is a pleasant game that allows players to enjoy themselves by decorating and refurnish their homes with a variety of trendy.
Name : Homescapes
Publisher : Playrix Games
Version :  Simulation
Size : 100MB
Category : Simulation
MOD Features : Unlimited Stars
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Homescapes (Unlimited Stars) is a pleasant game that allows players to enjoy themselves by decorating and refurnish their homes with a variety of trendy and gorgeous alternatives.

Numerous games on today's market provide players with fascinating experiences through a variety of game modes. Match-3 games are one type of game that has a moderate gameplay but yet provides players with pleasurable amusement. Perhaps some players relate this game with their youth. Along with the main gameplay described above, the producer gradually introduces additional innovative components. If you enjoy this sort of game and are seeking for some entertainment, Homescapes is a must-play.

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    Homescapes features stunning graphics that every gamer would enjoy. It's a vibrant environment that provides a fresh start for players as they begin to explore the game's characters' lives. Additionally, when conventional match-3 gameplay is incorporated, these aspects provide a distinct impression and encourage players to explore. As a result, what this game has to offer is intriguing.

    The game is created in the style of a cartoon, with the player as the protagonist. Simultaneously, you will be able to play this character whatever you choose. Additionally, in certain circumstances, additional characters appear to inform you of upcoming events. Therefore, in addition to experiencing the game's action, please do not disregard any of the game's tales or conversations, since they are interesting.

    Homescapes Unlimited Stars


    Homescapes is a tale about a character named Austin. The game will take you back in time to when he was a youngster with his family. The narrative concludes as the clock strikes twelve and he awakens. He begins his day with normal tasks and prepares for a significant journey. This journey occurred and was meant to become Austin's boyhood home, playing a vital part in his life.

    When your character arrives, he or she will discover a lovely mansion with a modern appearance. However, the interior is quite the contrary. Due to the fact that it was abandoned for a long period of time, the inside furnishings is likewise antique, which is completely natural. As a result, players will accompany Austin on a new voyage and assist him in improving and changing the inside of the house to make it more gleaming.


    Homescapes provides entirely stunning gameplay that anybody can weaken by just changing the contents of the house and giving it a fresh look. When the player first sees the interior of the house, he or she will feel compelled to renovate it instantly. As a result, kids will take part in an exciting restoration and learn about the game. Simultaneously, selecting new furniture is pretty straightforward.

    Specifically, you will acquire several stars and use them to purchase new furnishings. They will provide you a variety of styles to pick from. As a result, you can choose them freely. Simultaneously, players will have a variety of various sorts of residences to choose from, based on their interests and ingenuity. However, you will not have complete access to these stars.

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    If you run out of stars and continue to purchase furnishings, you'll be sent to the match-3 level. The match-3 gameplay does not need to be reintroduced because it is already familiar to a large number of players. The game's central concept is the arrangement of three pieces in a horizontal or vertical row. Simultaneously, you should combine more than three items of the same type to speed up the game screen and get more points. As a result, the game also has a distinct tactical component.

    The hurdles inherent in each level of play are one of the components of this game. Each level will demand the completion of a specific number of features, which can be seen on the left side of the screen. As a result, you will not only enjoy match-3 games but will also attempt to gather the needed number of elements. While this may seem straightforward at lower levels, it will become progressively challenging for players at higher levels.


    Homescapes has an intuitive yet hard match-3 gameplay. Simultaneously, it is critical to go through these levels if you wish to earn enough stars to purchase furnishings. Each piece of furniture will correlate to a specific amount of stars, therefore you'll need to gather the required number of match-3 matches. Certainly, this will be a wonderful experience.

    Along with the aforementioned experiences, the game includes short stories and interaction between the characters. They are fascinating and will assist you in discovering the narrative of Austin. Therefore, if you want to learn more about this character's story, you should not disregard these variables. Simultaneously, it is always the attentive observation of everything that contributes to the uniqueness of each encounter.