OBDeleven Car Diagnostics v0.48.1 MOD APK Pro Unlocked

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics
Name : OBDeleven Car Diagnostics
Publisher : Voltas IT
Version :  0.48.1
Size : 36M
Category : Auto & Vehicles
MOD Features : Premium/Gold Subscription 
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OBDeleven Car Diagnostics can rapidly and accurately diagnose an automobile's operation without the need to take it to a repair facility.

If you own a car and are seeking for an application that will enable you to simply connect to it, track all of its systems, and activate numerous comfort options, OBDeleven auto diagnostics is the perfect solution for you. Our vehicles have been upgraded by technology and our communication with them has changed, necessitating the deployment of sophisticated equipment to grasp our cars' requirements. That is where this marvelous tool comes into play. Let us jointly study this application!

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics


    An intuitive application for diagnosing, reading, erasing, and exchanging problem codes, programming and tracking the car's system, adjusting and unlocking vehicle functionalities, and much more. Simply download the software, connect the OBDeleven device to the OBDII port, and access your automobile via the Android operating system to begin using this program. The clever Bluetooth gadget communicates with cloud-based automobile software, which provides the capabilities of a professional diagnostic system to provide insight into your vehicle.

    OBDeleven car diagnostics is accessible for Android 5.0 and above and is widely recognized and downloaded, which is critical. An app that enables real communication between individuals and their cars and a companion who will accompany them on all highways, which is critical for all intents and purposes.


    The software includes the most fundamental operations necessary for automobile enthusiasts to communicate with their vehicle, as well as extra features that enhance the user experience. The application's standard features include automatic vehicle identification via PIN; reading and deleting diagnostic trouble codes; reading information about the controller; sharing diagnostic data logs via email; monitoring the PIN status; connected car history; gauges; and looking up engine, device, and fault codes.

    With enhanced functionality, you simply need to click once on the program; you will immediately benefit from the application's full capabilities. OBDeleven automotive diagnostics has already generated the code for you! Activate or disable features in the automobile using one-click encryption functions designed for regular users. Numerous applications are available for a variety of automobiles, and you can purchase them with in-app credit. The availability of One-Click-Apps is device-dependent.


    If you are a car expert, the application also includes your own functions such as frame freeze fault code; check output; information and coding sub-control unit; gateway settings list; change diagnostic service; automotive programming history and backup; control unit reset (UDS), programming history and backup, and a slew of other useful features.

    OBDeleven Car Diagnostics Mod

    Cloud-based diagnostic software that is officially licensed and is regularly updated with new capabilities. Over 1000 distinct apps have been built just for this application and are classified into the three most helpful devices for your vehicle: workshop, feeder, and upgrades. You can reset the maintenance and inspection lights using the workshop. Additionally, you may alter the vehicle's settings in the enhancement area after installation. Adjust and activate the vehicle's different comfort features based on your preferences.


    OBDeleven automotive diagnostics software is the finest option for you and your vehicle. With over 1 million downloads on Google Play, the app has earned a 4-star rating from users and garnered innumerable comments and favorable remarks. This is also a reasonable rationale when the application is anticipated, desired in application forums, and provides the greatest potential experience for consumers.

    Because the system is based on an online database, the program requires a continual internet connection to function properly. The program is absolutely free; however, if you want to support the developer or add the greatest features to your automobile, you may purchase the items included in it after downloading. However, because installation is entirely free, download immediately!

    The descriptions above are for the OBDeleven auto diagnostics app, a useful tool devoted to your car. It enables you to diagnose and connect with them more effectively. Don't delay; equip your automobile with this app immediately and become a member of this great app.